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2008 Detector Trials, Berkeley Springs, WV
April 5th and 6th, 2008

Explosive Detector Certifying Teams

Jeff Bartlett and K9 Shadow, US Park Police

Lloyd Chance and K9 Dean, CIA

Bryan Morrison and K9 Koda, Arlington County VA PD

Derek Person and K9 Arno, CIA

Phil Sherman and K9 Kira, US Pentagon Police

Jack Willoughby and K9 Laverne, CIA

Narcotic Detector Certifying Teams

Keith Anderson and K9 Casper, MD Transportation Authority PD

Craig Blank and K9 Ruger, MD Division of Correction

Michael Brant and K9 Ada, MD Transportation Authority PD

David Reily and K9 Brosky, MD Division of Correction

Scott Buskirk and K9 Zeus, Washington Co, MD SO

Robert Cashen and K9 Dingo MD Transportation Authority PD

Chris Caudell and K9 Buddy, MD Division of Correction

James Cibula and K9 OD, Montgomery Co, MD PD

Mary Davis and K9 Tonka, Montgomery Co, MD PD

Marshall Day and K9 Beck, Wash, DC Dept of Corrections

Kyle Dickerson and K9 Rocko, Rockville, MD PD

Dennis Dieterle and K9 Shelton, MD Division of Correction

Matt Dove and K9 Max, Montgomery Co, MD PD

Michael C.Duncan and K9 ChaseMan, MD Division of Correction

Michael ensko and K9 Hadson, Howard Co MD PD

James Everhart and K9 Riki, Martinsburg, WV PD

Mark Flynn and K9 Briar, MD Division of Correction

Michael J. Frock and K9 Maxx, MD Transportation Authority PD

Brian Fromm and K9 Titan, Alexandria, VA PD

Patrick Grubar and K9 Varius, Arlington Co, VA SO

Joseph Gummo and K9 Argo, Howard Co, MD PD

Russell Halterman and K9 Nego, Hampstead, MD PD

Matt Heimberger and K9 Mako, Arlington Co, VA PD

Will Henderson and K9 Bear, Berkeley Co, WV SO

Kim Henderson and K9 Max, Alexandria, VA PD

Brian Itnyre and K9 Shadow, MD Division of Correction

Antonia Johnson and K9 Jazz, MD Division of Correction

Christopher Jones and K9 Paco, Newark, DE PD

Thomas Kelly and K9 Kenny, Montgomery Co, MD PD

Brian King and K9 Rudy, Winchester, VA PD

Donald J Kline and K9 Stuart, Fairfax Co, VA PD

Eric Kretzer and K9 Cayman, MD Division of Correction

Brian Kyle and K9 Cayenne, MD Divison of Correction

Brandon Lapp and K9 Brutus, Howard Co MD PD

Andrew Logan and K9 Pele, Prince George's Co, MD PD

Jamie Machiesky and K9 Ken, Howard Co, MD PD

Joshua M. McCauley and K9 Crunch, Washington Co, MD SO

James Milito and K9 Lucky, Alexandria, VA PD

Gregory L. Moore and K9 Stryker, Prince William Co, VA PD

Craig Phelps and K9 Kardiff, Martinsburg, WV PD

Robert Purnell and K9 Charlie, Somerset Co, MD SO

Dennis Reighard and K9 Shadow, Prince George's Co, MD PD

Carlos Rolon and K9 Ajax, Alexandria, VA PD

Joe Saunders and K9 Andy, Montgomery Co, MD PD

Stephen D. Smith and K9 Max, Metro Wash. Airports Auth. PD

Wendell Stockton and K9 Charlie, MD Division of Correction

Bryan Sutton and K9 VooDoo, Prince William Co, VA PD

Davis Reggie Thomas and K9 Wash, DC Dept of Corrections

William Van Antwerp, and K9 Hawkeye, Prince William Co, VA PD

Terrance Wilson and K9 Ceasar, Wash, DC Dept of Corrections

Cadaver Detector Certifying Team

Terrence Liddell and K9 Sabo, Washington Metropolitan PD

Accelerant Detector Certifying Team

David Doehler and K9 Cadet, Prince William County Fire Marshall’s Office

Department Team Finish Position

1 st Place: Prince William County - Van Antwerp, Moore, Sutton

2 nd Place :MD Department of Corrections Team 4 - Flynn, Brosky, Sutton

3 rd Place: MD Department of Corrections Team 1 - Kyle, Kretzer, Blank

4 th Place: Alexandria Va PD - Fromm, Hendrick, Rolon

5 th Place: Montgomery County MD PD Team 1 - Dove, Kelly, Saunders


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