On 8/1/2022, Officer Brewer and his patrol/narcotics K9 Partner Titus were on routine patrol in the Gaithersburg area of Montgomery County. PO3 Brewer received a request from Detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Division (SID) to conduct a CDS scan of a vehicle they had stopped. Detectives believed this vehicle was part of a larger investigation that they were working in the Gaithersburg area. PO3 Brewer, being close by, responded to assist.

Upon arrival, PO3 Brewer made contact with detectives. After briefly speaking with detectives, PO3 Brewer retrieved and deployed K9 Titus to conduct the scan. During the scan, K9 Titus gave a clear indication to the presence of CDS within the vehicle. PO3 Brewer, recognizing this alert, immediately notified detectives of the alert.

Ultimately, a search of the vehicle was conducted. During the search, detectives recovered a Glock 23 handgun, $8,700 US currency, Marijuana, several MDMA pills, and Crack cocaine.

This positive scan on this vehicle was critical to the detective’s investigation. Detectives were able to locate items of evidence relevant to their case within the vehicle all because of K9 Titus’ positive alert on the vehicle. Had it not been for the positive alert on the cars, it is possible the SID detectives would not have had enough probable cause to search the vehicle.

PO3 Jeff Brewer and K9 Titus were an essential part of this investigation and are responsible for not only a firearm recovery but also for the seizure of serious controlled dangerous substances and several thousand dollars worth of currency. For these reasons, our K9 unit would like to nominate PO3 Jeff Brewer and K9 Titus for the Detector Case of the quarter.