K9 Tributes


Retired Corporal Dennis Reighard #2152
The Narcotic Enforcement Division, Interdiction Unit regrets to inform you of the passing of Retired K-9 Shadow on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Shadow was an Interdiction Unit Canine assigned to Retired Corporal Dennis Reighard #2152. Shadow’s career with the Prince George’s County Police Department expanded from September 2007 to his retirement in May 2019. During his career, Shadow conducted over eight thousand scans and was responsible for drug seizures that had a value of over fifty-five million dollars and over three million dollars in currency seizures. Shadow will be truly missed.

s/a Major L. Webster #2545, Commander, Narcotic Enforcement Division
IN MEMORY OF K9 Pele - 2018

Lt. Andrew Logan and recently-retired Cpl. Michael Margulis
Our Narcotic Enforcement Division is mourning the passing of a recently retired member of the team. K9 Pele was the faithful partner of both Lt. Andrew Logan and recently-retired Cpl. Michael Margulis.Pele served as a narcotics detection K9 with Lt. Logan from 2005 – 2011. In 2006, K9 Pele was awarded the United States Police Canine Association’s (USPCA) Detector Case of the Year. In 2011, Cpl. Margulis took over handling Pele. Cpl. Margulis and his canine partner worked together from 2011 until their recent retirement in February of 2018. While working together, Cpl. Margulis and Pele finished in first place two times during the USPCA Narcotics Detector Trials, received the Outstanding Service Award 4 times by the North America Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA), 7 times received the award for Detector Case of the Year by USPCA and on 11 occasions won the USPCA Quarterly Award for detection cases. During his impressive career, Pele was responsible for seizing more than $90 million dollars’ worth of controlled dangerous substances and more than seven million in cash.At the time of his passing, K9 Pele was 14 years old.
IN MEMORY OF K9 Ouzo - 2014

Officer L.A. Marshall
It's with heavy hearts & tears in our eyes that we bring sad news, Officer L.A. Marshall has lost his partner, K-9 Ouzo, has passed away. K-9 Ouzo was a very dedicated canine! Who loved his job & his off duty family! Not only has BSPD lost a wonderful K-9, but Officer Marshall, Wife, & daughter have lost a beloved family member.

***Don’t grieve for me I served you well.
loved you more than you could ever tell.
I am now an angel in blue.
I laid my life on the line for you.
I wore my badge with honor every day,
to keep citizens safe and out of harms way.
so when you see a badge worn with pride,
remember their comrades and friends that have died!!

***When our time
together is done And you move
on in the world Remember me
with kind thoughts and tales,
For a time we were unbeatable,
Nothing passed among us
If we should meet again on
another street I will gladly take
up your fight, I am a Police
Working Dog and together We
are guardians of the night

Rest Easy K-9 Ouzo! Your Fellow Brother & Sister K-9's have watch



Officer Daniel Jones
DC Metropolitan Police Dept.
March 10, 2000- January 23, 2008

K-9 Dusty was put to rest January 23, 2008 after suddenly becoming neurologically impaired. The root of his illness was found to be stomach cancer and tumors of the spleen.

K-9 Dusty was the loyal partner of DC’s Metropolitan Police Department’s Officer Daniel Jones for 5 good years. He was an exceptional patrol and narcotic detection dog serving the Washington, DC area beginning June 7, 2002. This canine team proudly certified each year in service with a Triple Crown from USPCA, Region 3 certification trials and also notably took first place in the region’s Narcotic Detector Trial on April 23, 2006. Officer Jones had the greatest of confidence in his K-9 partner and knew that Dusty would always bring his A-game to any situation they faced.

K-9 Dusty gave no apparent signs of his illness and worked wholeheartedly up until his body could not perform anymore. The bond between K-9 Dusty and Officer Jones was immeasurable, his memory will long live on.



Handler: Matthew Stanley, CIA
Zoltan was born in Hungary on August 8 th 1998. He was purchased by Von Liche Kennels in 2000 and was trained for explosive detection. During his training K9 Zoltan was assigned to the Cincinnati Bengals Organization and also worked at Ground Zero post 9/11. In December 2001 he was purchased by the CIA and was assigned to me. We attended a 3 week explosive class, a 2 week patrol class, and we graduated from school with the Top Dog award in April of 2002.

During Zoltan’s short 5 year career he traveled to 15 different countries to include the war zone areas. He certified three times regionally with his highest score of 199 coming in 2006 and a National appearance in 2007. He participated in 4 Iron Dog events to include the most recent this past August. Although Zoltan was a phenomenal working dog, he was also my best friend and a part of my family.

He will never be forgotten.


IN MEMORY OF K-9 Kizmet - 2007

Specialist Jessie H. Shaver
Detective / K9 Handler
Waynesboro Police Department
It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you of the passing of my
K9 partner, Kizmet, on September 10, 2007. He had been battling lymphoma cancer for the last couple of months and was on chemo treatments for it, but he could not defeat the illness and finally had to be put to sleep. He was a member of region 3 since 2002 and was certified as a detector K9. He will be missed by not only me, but by my family, the community that he served and the officers that knew him. May he rest in peace and there will always be a special place in my family’s heart for him. Good-bye Kizzy.



Paul Corridean
Mt. Rainier Police
P.G.County, MD
My name is Paul Corridean and I was a member with Region 3 until I relocated from Maryland to Tennessee. My K-9 partner Jumber and I were with the Mt. Rainier Police in P.G.County, Md. Once we relocated, we learned that Jumber was suffering from a neurological condition that was slowly paralizing him. During December 2005 after much treatment and heartache we were forced to put him to rest. We were blessed, however, that our family was able to be there with him when he passed. While in the region, Jumber received his PD1 certifications as well as participated in the Iron Dog events. Some of Jumbers notable seizures include several pounds of marijuana from BWI airport, over $70,000 in currency and CDS found in the wall of a home in Ft. Washington, Md. K-9 Jumber was awarded the Patrol Case of the Quarter for the 2nd Quarter 2001 and a USPCA Citation for October 2001. K-9 Jumber was also awarded a department Silver Valor award and a Bronze Valor award. K-9 Jumber was a great partner, friend, and family member who is missed greatly.
Thank you, Paul Corridean

John Twomey
Prince William County Police
It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of K9 Dino on February 6th, 2006. Dino was the partner of John Twomey of the Prince William County Police Department. He served with John from November of 1996 to March of 2000
when John was promoted. K9 Dino certified PD1 Tracking and Detector during his career and was a member of the 2nd place Department Tracking Team in 1998 and 2nd place Department PD1 team in 1999. Dino passed away at home and will be buried at the Prince William County K9 Cemetery. He is greatly missed by his family, John, Debbie and Cheyenne. Rest in peace Dino.



Thomas Affeldt
Maryland Division of Corrections
My name is Thomas Affeldt. I was a Region Three member until I left Maryland last year. I was a K-9 Handler with Maryland Division of Corrections for seven years and took part and competed in many events that Region Three hosted with my drug dog Copper. I left Maryland and relocated to Florida but my drug dog stayed was reassigned to Sgt. Jerry Whitmore with MD Div of Corrections who is also an excellent handler. This saddens me to advise you that last week Copper died of Cancer. He worked for Maryland's taxpayers until his last day on Earth. He was a good dog and in detector certifications, he achieved 1st place team, 2nd place individual. In the years past he took 5th, 4th and always certified. This dog was a good dog as well as a friend.
I’ll miss him.
Thank you, Tom Affeldt

Corporal Michael Hubbard
Prince George's County, MD
Police Department
As of April 3, 2005, my K-9 partner, Fargo, will be retired from active duty after 10 years and 6 months of service with the Prince George's County Police Department. K-9 Fargo started his career with the department in October 1994 as a patrol canine and later cross-trained as a narcotic detector canine.

In October 1999, K-9 Fargo was retired as a patrol canine and spent the last 5 years of his career as a narcotic detector canine in an interdiction unit. K-9 Fargo had numerous criminal apprehensions and several hundred narcotic searches that resulted in millions of dollars in narcotic seizures and U.S. currency seizures.

In July 1996, the United States Police Canine Association awarded K-9 Fargo the Quarterly Detector Dog Case for Region 3 for finding 284 grams of cocaine in a hidden compartment. However, his most impressive narcotic seizure was 3,285 pounds of marijuana that was concealed in a dump truck. In retirement, K-9 Fargo will remain at home as part of our family.